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Monday, April 7, 2008

Episode 7-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

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Yu's grandfather wants to go to court to get Yu's guardianship. Ying-Gi doesn't want to fight for it, he thinks Yu would be better off living with her grandfather who is rich. Ying-Gi doesn't want the court to check his background.

The hospital head told May-Ying not to give the money back to Ying-Gi and told her to remember her father's surgery is within 2 days. May-Ying told him that she would spend the rest of her life for revenge if he let her father die.

Ying-Gi met Yu's grandfather. He told Yu's grandfather that he's responsible for Yu's mother's death.

Naue stole the money from May-Ying to pay off the loan sharks. Yu's teacher was told by grandma that May-Ying was pretending to be blind so she wanted to talk to May-Ying. She saw Naue left May-Ying's apartment in a rush. Next day, the teacher told May that grandma already know she's a fake and has told Ying-Gi already.

Ying-Gi told Yu that she will be living with her grandfather and not with him anymore, and the grandma would move in with them too. Ying-Gi hit Yu when she nagged him about staying with him, but afterwards he really regret it.

Yu went to May-Ying's place to sleep. As May-Ying make sure Yu is sleeping well, the video tape she was watching seems to be finished. But she left it running to tug Yu in better, there was some more footage. She saw Ying-Gi was the camera man. So....Ying-gi is not Yu's father.

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