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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Episode 6-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

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May-Ying packed all her stuff except the LCD TV, video recorder and drapes. Ying-Gi told the grandmother he gave all his money to May-Ying. The grandmother thought May-Ying just took off without saying goodbye because Ying-Gi hasn't talked to her for 2 days. Both Ying-Gi and grandma ran to May-Ying's house, then May-Ying and Yu suddenly showed up. May-Ying told Ying-Gi that her surgery date is set. Ying-Gi seemed very happy.

The grandmother told Ying-Gi to check out the hospital that May-Ying is working to see that May-Ying isn't really blind. May-Ying was chatting with Ying-Gi on cellphone. She said she could of ran away so many times, yet she chose to stay and is still talking to him.

Naue couldn't sleep probably because of the loan sharks. He doesn't know who to trust either, but he say Ying-Gi will be the only one he trusts and he won't lie to him at all.

Ying-Gi delivered flowers to the hospital May-Ying works at. He wanted to ask if she works there but he gave up at the last minute and walked out. Just as he was about to leave, there was an ambulance arriving at the hospital. Ying-Gi SAW May-Ying. Yikes!

Yu was seeing going into the hospital head's car. She said she should go into stranger's car, but she had a feeling he is a nice person. Then she saw her mother's picture on top of the fireplace, that confirms everything.

Ying-Gi is already looking at moving into another apartment. Yu's classmate's parents are going to be landlord so they'll be changed cheaper. Grandma asked why doesn't Ying-Gi just ask for the money back. Ying-Gi said she probably already spent it. He doesn't understand why she would pick him to lie to. He isn't very rich at all.

Yu's teacher ask her why she went onto a stranger's car? Yu told her it's her grandfather and she plans on asking him for money since her seems pretty rich.

May-Ying asked Ying-Gi to come out and take her to the beach. In the car Ying-Gi asked why him? After Ying-Gi take off her bandages and she claim she can see him, they said their goodbyes. But they don't really want to leave each other, so they went back home and told Yu the good news that May-Ying can see now.

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