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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Episode 5-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

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Naue told Ying-Gi that May-Ying's eyes would get better if she go through surgery, but it's going to cost a lot and if the surgery doesn't get done in time, May-Ying might loose her site forever. May-Ying doesn't like the idea, but deep down inside she wants to know if Ying-Gi would spend so much money for her.

Naue told Ying-Gi another lie. He said at the place where May-Ying works, her boss would pay for her surgery but under the condition that she would marry him.

would be in The hospital head thinks Ying-Gi would get the money ready for May-Ying, because her loves her. After he lost all the money and find out how May-Ying has lied to her, maybe Ying-Gi despair, then he'll return the money to him.

Ying-Gi came to May-Ying's apartment asking about the made up boss of hers. She said she refused her boss's proposal. Ying-Gi said he played the refusal scene in his mind that she told her boss she has someone she likes. Ying-Gi wants to pay for her surgery, otherwise he doesn't fit to be her lover.

The grandmother that lives with Ying-Gi, she ask Naue to go with her to the hospital where she saw May-Ying walking without help. Naue asked the front desk of the hospital about May-Ying. He told the grandmother that May-Ying doesn't seem to work there. When the grandmother is about to leave the hospital, Naue saw May-Ying in the elevator so he blocked the view to grandmother so she wouldn't see.

May-Ying wanted to take her father to another hospital and stop lying, but her father started to have seizure and is diagnosed to be a tumour in his head and that he will only live 3 months if no operation or the operation fails. Since the hospital head has more experience in brain surgery, May-Ying again ask him for help.

Naue was running away from some people, then they beat him up. He was saying he would return them money soon. Yu's teacher saw him and took him back to her apartment to treat his wounds, so she missed her date with the coffee shop owner. Too bad.

Ying-Gi got Yu's permission to sell the flower shop and give all their savings to May-Ying for her surgery. May-Ying wasn't expecting it. She requested to take some pictures with Ying-Gi for safe keeping. She kept the money and wanted to stop her performance. The hospital head wants her to keep on going and pretend she does the eye surgery.

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