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Monday, April 7, 2008

Episode 10-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

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Shun thank May-Ying that she didn't reveal the secret to the hospital head, he still has operations to perform today. May-Ying told him to say sorry to Ying-Gi. Shun said why, since Ying-Gi admit that it was his fault for letting Luili die, but he'll probably help out with the funds to re-open the flower shop. May-Ying mentioned that Ying-Gi has being taking care of a child. Shun was very surprised to hear that the child was born. May-Ying stress the point that the child is Ying-Gi's and not Shun's.

Shun saw his daughter finally, but he doesn't want a daughter or a family, it'll just hinder his career. Ying-Gi told him that the hospital head seems to know that he is the father of the child now. Shun told the school teacher that everyone has to leave orphanage after high school. But he left the orphanage long before that. He was adopted by a couple that has a few bakeries opened. They originally wanted to adopt Ying-Gi because he was quiet and obedient. But on the day that the adopters wanted to take him, he was crying none stop, so they took Shun instead. Shun told the school teacher that he was the one who told Ying-Gi to cry.

Now the hospital head knows the truth, but he still needs Shun to operate on May-Ying's father, so he'll keep Shun for now. Shun wants to have an agreement with the hospital head. He wants the head to not put in a bad word on his report if May-Ying's father happens to die on the operating table. Shun wants the hospital head to forget about Luili's issue. Shun said if Luili loved him, she should of told him that she's the hospital head's daughter, now maybe Shun would own the hospital by now. The hospital head got so angry at him and told him to leave the hospital right now.

Naue was chased by the loan sharks again since they want their money back. Naue called a lot of "friends" but no one would lend him the money. At last he called Ying-Gi, but he didn't mention anything about needing money, however Ying-Gi heard some people at the background beating Naue up. He immediately take the money and run to save Naue. The coffee shop owner think he's so good hearted to the point that he's just an idiot.

Naue has being saved. The hospital head will do May-Ying's father's operation by himself. But his hand was shaking again half way through the operation. Shun is prepared to leave the country. May-Ying bagged Ying-Gi to get Shun to help save her father.

Shun wouldn't go back because he wouldn't want to change his way of life. He wouldn't trust anyone else but Ying-Gi and expected Ying-Gi would trust anyone else either. But Ying-Gi said it's okay to trust other people, even if other people betray you, you'll just have to trust someone else, this way will make you live a happy life.

Ying-Gi will do anything Shun asks so that he would go back to the operating table. Shun ask Ying-Gi to call Shizuku and tell her that he is not her biological father. Shizuku has being living with Ying-Gi from birth and would be shattered to hear Ying-Gi is not her father. Would Ying-Gi call Shizuku and tell her the truth?

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