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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nabari No Ou-The Assault-episode 3

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Kairoushuu has sent 5 jounins (highest ranking) ninjas to take down the mist technique of the Fuuma village and tried to steal the Kinjutsu from the village. They killed most of Fuuma ninjas who won't give out the location of the scroll.

They even sent a kira user, apparently really high class ninja, so they can succeed without problem. The kinjutsu is needed to unlock Miharu's power. The leader of the assault team, Yukimi, used a gun to take the scroll away from a kid. The kid doesn't like him using a guy, but he doesn't care as long as he get what he wants.

Miharu and the group came to the rescue. While Yukimi was distracted, the kid took the Fuuma scroll from him again and ran away. Yoite, the kira user, was called by Yukimi to track down the scroll. Yoite is a ruthless killer who shoots his life force into other people's body and kills them from inside.

Kumohira Sensei took the whole party and escaped, but Yoite wouldn't let them leave. Kumohira will stay and fight Yoite while the rest escape. Raimei wanted to take her sword out, but Miharu and a better plan. He used his face to distract Yukimi. Now I'm going to call his "technique" moe no jitsu. Yukimi took out his gun, but wasn't in time to shoot.

Raimei saw other ninjas coming and killed 2. Yukimi was impressed with her skills and mentioned there is another woman ninja on his side as well, but wouldn't tell Raimei who she is. Yukimi didn't feel like doing extra working, so he told Yoite to leave as he is leaving himself.

Yoite is still fighting with Kumohira. Yoite took countrol of Kumohira and ripped his chest. Rouichi shot a ninjas star at Yoite. Yoite broke Rouichi's arm. Miharu tries to damage Yoite , but that didn't work. Yoite hurt his eye instead.

Kumohira is back to fighting with Yoite. Miharu bagged Yoite to let others go and said it's not related to other people. Kumohira disagrees. Just when Kumohira couldn't resist Yoite's chi anymore, Fuuma dono shows up. We'll find out what happens next episode.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nabari No Ou-Raimei Arrives-episode 2

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Rouichi and Thobari(Kumohira) Sensei was sparing and wanted Miharu to train as well, but he is only staring at a lady bug. The lady bug flied away and Shimizu Raimei showed up jumping down from the roof. She wants to know what kind of guy has the Hijutsu. Little does she know Miharu doesn't care about it all that much. Raimei came from the village of Fuma and is a samurai.

It's basketball time. Miharu, as usual doesn't run all that much. But when he gets the ball, he again uses his evil wit to distract other players. Where the other people are startled, he advances and shoots the ball. He said that's his full power.

When Raimei observe Miharu, he doesn't seem to know any danger is around him. He thinks she wants his power too. He doesn't see himself in any danger. Raimei has being following him after school, but lost him after a convenience store.

Raimei found him when he was hanging on the edge of a cliff while trying to put a young bird back into its nest. Miharu didn't even seem scared. Kumohira Sensei is researching for a way to seal the Hijutsu. So he'll just train on ninja techniques. He actually listens somewhat.

After a bit of struggling between Raimei and Kumohira on if to take Miharu to the Fuma village or not, Kumohira gave in and decide to take a trip with them. Miharu is late as expected, and then show up with the funniest outfit claiming it's "in style" by his aunt. The T-shirt actually says "tenant muscle sore" The sub group didn't translate that.

Kouichi lend Miharu his gym outfit so it's not that embarrassing. Now Kumohira doesn't want to get on the train because he's scared of the train colliding. Miharu took out his powerful weapon again to persuade Kumohira with his soft voice that he can't go anywhere without Kumohira. Kumohira looks like he's going to die.

Fuma Kotarou writes a lot of books on ninja techniques. Since he is good and changing outward appearances, he can be anything in the real world. He usually works in the government and also is a writer. Raimei's parents knows him so she knows a lot about Fuma.

Outside the train, it's starting to rain. Kumohira is reminded of the old times that other people have forgotten except him on that fateful raining day. Young Miharu on Kumohira's back was acting him where is mother and grandfather. Asahibo is mentioned, but we don't know who it is at this point. Kumohira apparently killed Miharu's relatives and took Miharu with him.

They finally arrived at the destination train stop and took a bus to go deep into the forest. Apparently Kumohira was born in Ireland, but since he has a fear of metal transportation, how did he get to Japan? Raimei said the Fuma village is hidden by a mist technique, but they can see the village quite well. All of a sudden they sense someone is coming, then a bunch of Fuma ninja bodies come flying out. What's going on?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nabari No Ou-The awakened one-episode 1

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First scene shows a small kid named Miharu on the back of another young man running away from a bunch of ninjas. Miharu gets scarred and running words started to show on his face. There is a huge light column appeared right on top of Miharu, then we hear a woman’s voice telling Miharu to forget.Miharu then turned to a older student.

Yamase is Rokujo Miharu’s substitute teacher. After class Aizawa Kouichi tried to get his attention, but he left quickly and pretend he doesn’t remember his name. Kumohira sensei popped out from upstairs, almost tripping himself, wanted Miharu to join the martial art club as well. Miharu again slipped away when the other 2 were talking.

Yamase Sensei is following Aizawa for some reason.

Kumohira sensei visits Miharu at the restaurant his uncle and aunt own.

Miharu threw spetulas at him, then try to look innocent. Kumohira told him to watch out for people looking for him, but Miharu made a joke that Kumohira is saying he is interested in Miharu.

Kumohira explains there are still ninjas living in the world, but hiding their ninja ways to normal people. Miharu wanted prof that Kumohira is a ninja, but when Kumohira tries to explain, Miharu just sarcastically agreed that Kumohira is a ninja. Kumohira is mad at Miharu for not worring about his life because it’s in serious danger.

Miharu’s aunt wants him to buy some dry food supplies. Kumohira tries to stop him. Miharu playfully pretend that he’s hurting with a girly voice. Kumohira was shocked and withdrew his hand.

Miharu feels someone is watching him or he is watching someone. A voice is telling him to awaken and is leading him to a shrine. He saw Kouichi and Yamase sensei together. Yamase tries to kill him after Kouichi told him to run away. Miharu has a wind shield that deflected the ninja star.

Kouichi took Miharu and escaped, but not too far from the enemies. They want what’s inside of Miharu, a Hijutsu. Kairoushuu clan will be rulers of Nabari (Nabari No Ou) if they have the Hijutsu. When they were about to capture Miharu, a voice inside Miharu ask him to kill all of them. Kouichi put a knife inside Miharu and tried to seal the Hijutsu with a soul seal spell, but it seems like the words are still running on Miharu’s face and it flows out of the sword. Miharu doesn’t understand why Kouichi is trying to kill him(but he is not). The voice inside Miharu said he can wish for anything and Shinrabanshou(all things in nature) will give it to him. Kumohira rushed to the scene and pulled out the sword from Miharu and put a spell at the same time to stop the Hijutsu. Miharu told the voice that he doesn’t need anything from her.

Miharu seems upset when he woke up and sau Kouichi’s face. Shinrabanshou is a scroll technique which is fused within Miharu’s body and is the strongest. Miharu doesn’t want the Hijutsu, but there is no way to get it out of him. If there was a way, people would of got it out already. Kumohira told Miharu not to give the Hijutsu to anyone and especially not him.

Yamase tries to cut Miharu’s place before bringing him to his clan, but Kumohira pushed him flying then to the ground. Yamase’s face seems to be hurt. Kumohira declared that he will not let the Kairoushuu clan have Miharu. Kumohira is a ninja of the Banten clan. He wants Miharu to be the ruler of the ninja world and put an end to the conflicts, in the mean time, he’ll pledge his leagence to Miharu.

Miharu again walks away and tries to go back to his normal life.

Next day, Kumohira becomes Miharu’s new substitute teacher.Miharu runs away before Kumohira give him the sign up form to join the ninja association in the school. Kairoushuu’s leader who is also a politician, finally knows who the Hijutsu bearer is and will claim world domination.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Last Episode 11-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

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Ying-Gi finally said it to Shizuku. Shizuku was surely shocked. He said he always treat her as his real daughter, so hopefully Shizuku will still treat him as her father after knowing the truth.

Shun operated on May-Ying's father, but her father's heart keep on stopping. Shun then went out of the operating room to grab May-Ying. He wants her to call out her father's name as loud as possible to make him stay alive. Finally her father has a heartbeat and was saved. May-Ying's father mentioned that he almost went to the other side, but there was this big field of roses with thorns that prevented him from going on, so the only thing he can do is go back.

Shizuku's grandfather wants to return her to Ying-Gi, but Ying-Gi said it's okay, he can keep the child because he would her up to be a fine woman just like her mother.

Although the hospital head really hate Shun, but he still wrote him a reference letter so Shun can go study masters. Shun went to Shizuku's school to see her, but left right away.

Ying-Gi went to the airport to see Shun off. Shun really wants to be the best and be on top of everyone else. Ying-Gi said he will wait for him to come back, and at that time he will tell Shizuku who's her real father. Ying-Gi gave Shun a VCD claiming that it's Harry Potter's newest video that will make Shun cry.

May-Ying and the school teacher went to eat together. They seems to be good friends now, talking about there is no good guys out there and that they have being sexually harassed at work place.

Turns out Ying-Gi borrowed money from Shun to re-open the flower shop. Naue really don't think he should borrow money from a heartless guy like Shun. Ying-Gi figures the money will be an excuse for Shun to come back to Japan.

Ying-Gi and Shizuku saw each other for the first time after he revealed the truth about their relationship to Shizuku. They played for the whole day, while that's happening, May-Ying and her father left the hospital and head for the country side. May-Ying only wrote a letter to Ying-Gi to say goodbye. May-Ying finally understand that only Ying-Gi knows what's real happiness.

Ying-Gi now sells roses in his flower shop. Coffee shop owner ask Ying-Gi how long will he be fooled by May-Ying. May-Ying grows roses and sells them to Ying-Gi and they also send each other e-mails about the flowers daily.

When Ying-Gi spilled a bucket of water, he was reminded how he and May-Ying played hide and seek. They will always find each other because they'll meet where they started. Ying-Gi ask Naue about May-Ying's last name. Her last name is her mother's last name, not her fathers. Now Ying-Gi suddenly realize May-Ying is the one who's selling roses to him all this time. Seems like the grandmother knows it all along, but wouldn't give Ying-Gi any hint.

Ying-Gi and Shizuku went to visit May-Ying. Ying-Gi said "I love You" to May-Ying again and again. Ying-Gi said "You're smile is like a flower, I love you're smile, you're the only flower and today I'm going to plug this flower away"

May-Ying came back to tokyo with Ying-Gi, so grandmother will go to the country side to take care of the roses instead. Everybody celebrated Ying-Gi's birthday with him. He felt very touched and couldn't resist to cry. Shizuku's teacher seems to like the coffee shop owner now. Naue will continue his studies and become a doctor.

Another rainy day, May-Ying ask a student if he wants to borrow an umbrella. Ying-Gi noticed the kid brought a rose. Ying-Gi tells Showu that doesn't matter how he's feeling right now, his life will still be wonderful.

Episode 10-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

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Shun thank May-Ying that she didn't reveal the secret to the hospital head, he still has operations to perform today. May-Ying told him to say sorry to Ying-Gi. Shun said why, since Ying-Gi admit that it was his fault for letting Luili die, but he'll probably help out with the funds to re-open the flower shop. May-Ying mentioned that Ying-Gi has being taking care of a child. Shun was very surprised to hear that the child was born. May-Ying stress the point that the child is Ying-Gi's and not Shun's.

Shun saw his daughter finally, but he doesn't want a daughter or a family, it'll just hinder his career. Ying-Gi told him that the hospital head seems to know that he is the father of the child now. Shun told the school teacher that everyone has to leave orphanage after high school. But he left the orphanage long before that. He was adopted by a couple that has a few bakeries opened. They originally wanted to adopt Ying-Gi because he was quiet and obedient. But on the day that the adopters wanted to take him, he was crying none stop, so they took Shun instead. Shun told the school teacher that he was the one who told Ying-Gi to cry.

Now the hospital head knows the truth, but he still needs Shun to operate on May-Ying's father, so he'll keep Shun for now. Shun wants to have an agreement with the hospital head. He wants the head to not put in a bad word on his report if May-Ying's father happens to die on the operating table. Shun wants the hospital head to forget about Luili's issue. Shun said if Luili loved him, she should of told him that she's the hospital head's daughter, now maybe Shun would own the hospital by now. The hospital head got so angry at him and told him to leave the hospital right now.

Naue was chased by the loan sharks again since they want their money back. Naue called a lot of "friends" but no one would lend him the money. At last he called Ying-Gi, but he didn't mention anything about needing money, however Ying-Gi heard some people at the background beating Naue up. He immediately take the money and run to save Naue. The coffee shop owner think he's so good hearted to the point that he's just an idiot.

Naue has being saved. The hospital head will do May-Ying's father's operation by himself. But his hand was shaking again half way through the operation. Shun is prepared to leave the country. May-Ying bagged Ying-Gi to get Shun to help save her father.

Shun wouldn't go back because he wouldn't want to change his way of life. He wouldn't trust anyone else but Ying-Gi and expected Ying-Gi would trust anyone else either. But Ying-Gi said it's okay to trust other people, even if other people betray you, you'll just have to trust someone else, this way will make you live a happy life.

Ying-Gi will do anything Shun asks so that he would go back to the operating table. Shun ask Ying-Gi to call Shizuku and tell her that he is not her biological father. Shizuku has being living with Ying-Gi from birth and would be shattered to hear Ying-Gi is not her father. Would Ying-Gi call Shizuku and tell her the truth?

Episode 9-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

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The coffee shop owner disappeared for days after he went to the loan sharks to try get Yin-Gi's money back. Yu's teacher was worried and ask for Ying-Gi for help. They met May-Ying and Shun came back home together from hospital discussing there is only 50% that May-Ying's father would survive the surgery. May-Ying really dislikes Shun after he ask if he can go out with her. After coming home May-Ying realized that Ying-Gi and Shun are good friends from childhood and they are both "no name warrior"

Shizuku (previously translated as Yu) looks so nice with her little dresses now. She went outside to get something, but wouldn't let the maid see what she's doing. The maid called her little mistress, Shizuku doesn't like it at all. She went to Ying-Gi's work place to eat chicken legs with him.

The coffee shop owner finally showed up with the money and a transvestite named "Candy" She has contacts in the Yakusa and in return the coffee shop owner needs to go out with her for a few days. Shizuku's school teacher really was worried about the coffee shop owner.

Naue showed up at the school teacher's house telling her that Shizuku's father is not Ying-Gi. He wants to find out who in fact is Shuzuku's real father. He would take the money offered by the hospital head either since he feels really sorry for his "aniki" (brother Ying-Gi).

May-Ying wants to explain to Ying-Gi herself why she lied to her and why she's still around. Shun in the middle of the conversation called Ying-Gi out. From the next scene we found out that Shun is the father of Shizuku. He wanted Liuli (Shizuku's mother) is abort the child and asked Ying-Gi to tell her that, but Ying-Gi never told Liuli that Shun dumped her and wishing she abort the child. So in the end, Liuli died from childbirth and Ying-Gi thinks it's all his fault for letting Liuli died. If he told her about Shun, maybe she won't have the baby and maybe she won't die. Shun realized that May-Ying heard their conversation, so he wants her to keep that secret from the hospital head so he can still advance in his career.

May-Ying will live at the hospital until her father finishes his surgery. She will consider her relationship with Ying-Gi ended. Ying-Gi didn't ask her to stay although he looked like he really wanted to say something.

Naue and the school teacher went to Liuli's high school friend to ask about her boyfriend back then. They finally found out that it's Kamiama Shun. Little does the hospital head know, Shun, who just left his house is the murderer of his daughter. Shizuku was walking home when she saw her biological father in the car. Shun didn't notice her at all, but he seems to be in a bad mood for some reason and wouldn't drink alcohol at all.

Episode 8-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

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Yu lock herself and some other classmates in the classroom and demand her father to come otherwise they won't let anybody else in. The students want the father to guess who is Yu when everyone wears the mask that Yu made. Her father pick out the unlikely ones but he said Yu wasn't in the group at all. The truth shows that Yu was actually hiding behind a curtain. Since Ying-Gi knows Yu so well, Yu obeys Ying-Gi's wish to have her live at her grandfather's house.

After discovering Ying-Gi is not Yu's father, she went to grandma to tell her about it, she doesn't know what to do now. They figured that's why Ying-Gi would fight for the guardianship of the child, because Yu would know he is not her biological father.

Naue came to May-Ying apologizing, but he already paid off the loan sharks. When he went to the washroom, May-Ying blocked him inside the bathroom and called the teacher and the coffee shop owner to catch him and claim she's called the police.

Someone unknown called Ying-Gi's cellphone and was surprised that he didn't change his number. At first Ying-Gi didn't recognize the voice, but he seemed to know who it was at the end of the conversation.

The hospital head allowed May-Ying's father to take a short leave before the big operation so there won't be any regrets. Naue told May-Ying that the hospital head's hand is shaky, he couldn't possibly operate on one's brain.

There is a new doctor who's name is Kamiama Shun, he will be operating on May-Ying's father's brain.

After every last flower was sold, May-Ying asked Ying-Gi where will he move to? He doesn't know, so May-Ying told Ying-Gi that he can move in with her for the time being.

The hospital head showed Yu to his wife and plead her to come back in his life, but she said it was too loate. She has being going out with the lawyer that took care of Yu's case.

May-Ying showed the hospital head that Ying-Gi is not the one that was responsible for his daughter's death. They don't know who's Yu's real father. Maybe Ying-Gi knows and has being searching for him too for revenge.

Ying-Gi meet up with the unknown guy that called him. They met on the Tokyo tower and claimed they're both no name warriors and can only believe themselves and no one else. For a moment I thought Ying-Gi was going to put a knife into Kamiama Shun's body, but it seems they were old friends.

Story is getting interesting.

Episode 7-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

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Yu's grandfather wants to go to court to get Yu's guardianship. Ying-Gi doesn't want to fight for it, he thinks Yu would be better off living with her grandfather who is rich. Ying-Gi doesn't want the court to check his background.

The hospital head told May-Ying not to give the money back to Ying-Gi and told her to remember her father's surgery is within 2 days. May-Ying told him that she would spend the rest of her life for revenge if he let her father die.

Ying-Gi met Yu's grandfather. He told Yu's grandfather that he's responsible for Yu's mother's death.

Naue stole the money from May-Ying to pay off the loan sharks. Yu's teacher was told by grandma that May-Ying was pretending to be blind so she wanted to talk to May-Ying. She saw Naue left May-Ying's apartment in a rush. Next day, the teacher told May that grandma already know she's a fake and has told Ying-Gi already.

Ying-Gi told Yu that she will be living with her grandfather and not with him anymore, and the grandma would move in with them too. Ying-Gi hit Yu when she nagged him about staying with him, but afterwards he really regret it.

Yu went to May-Ying's place to sleep. As May-Ying make sure Yu is sleeping well, the video tape she was watching seems to be finished. But she left it running to tug Yu in better, there was some more footage. She saw Ying-Gi was the camera man. So....Ying-gi is not Yu's father.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Episode 6-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

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May-Ying packed all her stuff except the LCD TV, video recorder and drapes. Ying-Gi told the grandmother he gave all his money to May-Ying. The grandmother thought May-Ying just took off without saying goodbye because Ying-Gi hasn't talked to her for 2 days. Both Ying-Gi and grandma ran to May-Ying's house, then May-Ying and Yu suddenly showed up. May-Ying told Ying-Gi that her surgery date is set. Ying-Gi seemed very happy.

The grandmother told Ying-Gi to check out the hospital that May-Ying is working to see that May-Ying isn't really blind. May-Ying was chatting with Ying-Gi on cellphone. She said she could of ran away so many times, yet she chose to stay and is still talking to him.

Naue couldn't sleep probably because of the loan sharks. He doesn't know who to trust either, but he say Ying-Gi will be the only one he trusts and he won't lie to him at all.

Ying-Gi delivered flowers to the hospital May-Ying works at. He wanted to ask if she works there but he gave up at the last minute and walked out. Just as he was about to leave, there was an ambulance arriving at the hospital. Ying-Gi SAW May-Ying. Yikes!

Yu was seeing going into the hospital head's car. She said she should go into stranger's car, but she had a feeling he is a nice person. Then she saw her mother's picture on top of the fireplace, that confirms everything.

Ying-Gi is already looking at moving into another apartment. Yu's classmate's parents are going to be landlord so they'll be changed cheaper. Grandma asked why doesn't Ying-Gi just ask for the money back. Ying-Gi said she probably already spent it. He doesn't understand why she would pick him to lie to. He isn't very rich at all.

Yu's teacher ask her why she went onto a stranger's car? Yu told her it's her grandfather and she plans on asking him for money since her seems pretty rich.

May-Ying asked Ying-Gi to come out and take her to the beach. In the car Ying-Gi asked why him? After Ying-Gi take off her bandages and she claim she can see him, they said their goodbyes. But they don't really want to leave each other, so they went back home and told Yu the good news that May-Ying can see now.

Episode 5-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

Video Stream with Chinese Subtitle. 5A 5B 5C

Naue told Ying-Gi that May-Ying's eyes would get better if she go through surgery, but it's going to cost a lot and if the surgery doesn't get done in time, May-Ying might loose her site forever. May-Ying doesn't like the idea, but deep down inside she wants to know if Ying-Gi would spend so much money for her.

Naue told Ying-Gi another lie. He said at the place where May-Ying works, her boss would pay for her surgery but under the condition that she would marry him.

would be in The hospital head thinks Ying-Gi would get the money ready for May-Ying, because her loves her. After he lost all the money and find out how May-Ying has lied to her, maybe Ying-Gi despair, then he'll return the money to him.

Ying-Gi came to May-Ying's apartment asking about the made up boss of hers. She said she refused her boss's proposal. Ying-Gi said he played the refusal scene in his mind that she told her boss she has someone she likes. Ying-Gi wants to pay for her surgery, otherwise he doesn't fit to be her lover.

The grandmother that lives with Ying-Gi, she ask Naue to go with her to the hospital where she saw May-Ying walking without help. Naue asked the front desk of the hospital about May-Ying. He told the grandmother that May-Ying doesn't seem to work there. When the grandmother is about to leave the hospital, Naue saw May-Ying in the elevator so he blocked the view to grandmother so she wouldn't see.

May-Ying wanted to take her father to another hospital and stop lying, but her father started to have seizure and is diagnosed to be a tumour in his head and that he will only live 3 months if no operation or the operation fails. Since the hospital head has more experience in brain surgery, May-Ying again ask him for help.

Naue was running away from some people, then they beat him up. He was saying he would return them money soon. Yu's teacher saw him and took him back to her apartment to treat his wounds, so she missed her date with the coffee shop owner. Too bad.

Ying-Gi got Yu's permission to sell the flower shop and give all their savings to May-Ying for her surgery. May-Ying wasn't expecting it. She requested to take some pictures with Ying-Gi for safe keeping. She kept the money and wanted to stop her performance. The hospital head wants her to keep on going and pretend she does the eye surgery.

Devil May Cry 4 Theme song-Drink it down by L'Arc En Ciel

It's a nice beat song. Highly recommended. I'm not sure about their other songs, but this one is definitely good.

Just click on the title to see the official music video at YouTube.

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