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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Japanese Drama-The Flower Shop Without Roses-Episode 1

Video Stream with Chinese subtitles: Episode 1A  1B  1C

香取慎吾Shingo Katori

Japanese title: 薔薇のない花屋
Romanized title: Bara no nai Hanaya
Chinese title: 没有玫瑰的花店

First Episode:
Intro is a woman leaving a video message for her lover/husband, telling him that she'll wait for his return after he reached his dreams. She'll have his baby and that she'll never be wrong about the guy she loves. Pretty soon afterwards you learn that she died giving birth to the baby, and this guy who brought her a rose was heart broken and had to take care of the baby.
After a series of semi-fast flashback/turn-of-events, we now see the child has grown up, but doesn't want people to see her face for some reason. The father told her that she will be teased, but that doesn't seem to be the case since she's so popular and cute in school.

After the kid goes to school, we were introduced to the main characters. The woman, Mai-Ying, shows up as a blind woman just trying to know the new neighbourhood that she'll be living in.
Mai-Ying took some guess on why the mother is not around, such as the guy had a affair, that's why the mother left. But got disrupted when school calls about the kid(Yu) gotten another kid beat up. A new student picked on the mask Yu was wearing and the whole class revolted(shows the kid's popularity)

Then we see the child's grandfather wanting to keep an eye on the child's father, Ying-Gi. Somehow he was really pissed about her daughter's death. He thought it's Ying-Gi's fault for letting his daughter die in labour. Surprise..... The blind woman is not really blind, she's just working as a nurse in the grandfather's hospital. He wants her to think that Ying-Gi had done something really bad in a past and deserves his revenge plan. We shall know what it is next episode.

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