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Friday, March 28, 2008

Episode 3b-The flower shop without roses

Video Stream with Chinese subtitles: Episode 3B 3C

teacher came to Ying-Gi's flower shop to talk about Showu's shoplifting behaviour.  She had an experience before when she didn't know her pupil was being bullied until it's too late.  This time she doesn't want to make the same mistake again, but she can't see Showu as being bullied.  Ying-Gi said that the kid looks like a "no-name fighter"  I wonder what that means....

May-Ying got jealous when the private detective told her that there is a rumour about Ying-Gi liking his daughter's teacher.  When May-Ying tried to confront the teacher, Ying-Gi got freaked out and said it is the coffee shop owner who likes the teacher, not him.  May-Ying still went on and said, "too bad, the teacher prefer Ying-Gi over the coffee shop owner." The coffee shop owner almost fainted when he heard that and dropped the coffee tray he was carrying.  

Turns out the teacher just wanted to play with them a bit.  She knew well that Ying-Gi and May-Ying like each other.  She commented that they sound like high school kids, having really pure and innocent love.  

Ying Gi went chasing May-Ying after the heated discussion.  May-Ying hit some mobster with her stick.  Ying-Gi tried to apologize, but the mobster beat him up instead.

After Ying-Gi came back home from the fight, Yu ask why he wouldn't give her the chocolate that Showu stole, and why he cares for Showu so much.  Ying-Gi mentioned that he sees himself in Showu.  But Yu didn't believe him, she thinks that Ying-Gi prefers a son over a daughter.  Everyone was cracking up after Yu's comment.

May-Ying felt sorry that Ying-Gi got hurt because of her, so she cooked a really good meal the next day.  She then took off to another city.  When Ying-Gi called her to say thanks, she wanted him to go search for her without any hints to see if he would really find her.

Ying-Gi tried so hard to find her, but couldn't until dusk, and still a little too late, May-Ying already went to the subway station, ready to go home.

May-Ying said in fairy tales, all the princess waited for her prince to come and it always happens without fail.  Ying-Gi said she cheated and left some clues still.  Ying-Gi said he almost found her if she stayed there a bit longer, and he gave her the flower pedal that May-Ying was plugging while waiting for him.

May-Ying was so touched.  Seems like the misunderstanding was resolved.  They lined up after an old lady just like Ying-Gi always do to purchase subway tickets from a machine.

awwww!  To be continued...

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