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Friday, March 28, 2008

Episode 3a-The flower shop without roses

Video Stream with Chinese subtitles: Episode 3A

May-Ying was shopping with Yu.  Yu told May that they would line up behind an old lady because old people are usually slow and her father told her to do so to block people behind from yelling at old people for being slow.  

Ying-Gi is such a nice guy.  

Showu, another kid from Yu's class, the one that made fun at her head covering at first, stole chocolate from a store.  Ying-Gi happened to pass by and stopped the store owner from calling the police just this once.

Class teacher told Showu that she won't tell his parents about the shoplifting incident, but Showu told her that he doesn't care about his parents knowing.  He wanted his chocolate back and demanded it from the teacher and even pushed her to the ground.  

I saw something like this before in another drama.  A child might shoplift to get attention.

May-Ying's father find it weird that a hospital would put him, a regular patient, in a high class room since he is not very important.  May's father thought she gave her body to the hospital head in exchange for favour.

The hospital head just can't understand his daughter.  Why would she fall in love with a person like Ying-Gi, who has no real accomplishment in his eyes.  

By now all viewers should like Ying-Gi.  I guess the hospital head just couldn't except that his daughter is dead.

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